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  1. [Sophos]Official Google Twitter account hacked in Bitcoin scam
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  3. [Sophos]DARPA uses a remote island to stage a cyberattack on the US power grid
  4. [Sophos]France: Let’s make the internet safer! US: ‘How about NO?!’
  5. [SecList]Black Friday alert
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  7. [Trend]Cryptocurrency-Mining Malware uses Various Evasion Techniques, Including Windows Installer, as Part of its Routine
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  11. [FireEye]FLARE VM Update
  12. [kreb]Calif. Man Pleads Guilty in Fatal Swatting Case, Faces 20+ Years in Prison
  13. [chantal11]Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18282 via Windows Update – canal Rapide
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  15. [kreb]Patch Tuesday, November 2018 Edition
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  17. [Sophos]Support wouldn’t change his password, so he mailed them a bomb
  18. [AVAST]Business Mobile Workforce Report 2018 | Avast Business
  19. [Sophos]Microsoft update breaks Calendar and Mail on Windows 10 phones
  20. [Trend]November Patch Tuesday Fixes Another Zero-Day Win32k Bug, Other Public Vulnerabilities
  21. [SecList]A new exploit for zero-day vulnerability CVE-2018-8589
  22. [chantal11]Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18277 via Windows Update – canal Rapide
  23. [chantal11]Mise à jour cumulative KB4467708 – Windows 10 – version 1809
  24. [MMPC]CISO series: Lessons learned—4 priorities to achieve the largest security improvements
  25. [chantal11]La version 1809 – Windows 10 Octobre 2018 est de nouveau disponible
  26. [MMPC]The evolution of Microsoft Threat Protection, November update
  27. [kreb]That Domain You Forgot to Renew? Yeah, it’s Now Stealing Credit Cards
  28. [Eset]Attackers exploit flaw in GDPR-themed WordPress plugin to hijack websites
  29. [Sophos]Google and Cloudfare traffic diverted to China… do we need to panic?
  30. [Sophos]WordPress GDPR compliance plugin hacked
  31. [Sophos]DEA and ICE hiding cameras in streetlights and traffic barrels
  32. [Eset]Malware of the 90s: Remembering the Michelangelo and Melissa viruses
  33. [Trend]Using Machine Learning to Cluster Malicious Network Flows From Gh0st RAT Variants
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  35. [AVAST]Avast Improves Phishing Detection | Avast
  36. [Sophos]How to fit all of Shakespeare in one tweet (and why not to do it!)
  37. [Sophos]Headmaster fired over cryptocoin mining on the school’s dime
  38. [Eset]Malware of the 90s: Remembering the Michelangelo and Melissa viruses
  39. [Sophos]Botnet pwns 100,000 routers using ancient security flaw
  40. [Eset]Google’s data charts path to avoiding malware on Android
  41. [Trend]Hide and Script: Inserted Malicious URLs within Office Documents’ Embedded Videos
  42. [Sophos]Terrorists told to hijack social media accounts to spread propaganda
  43. [Sophos]Microsoft mistake leaves Windows 10 users fuming
  44. [SecList]IT threat evolution Q3 2018. Statistics
  45. [SecList]IT threat evolution Q3 2018
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  47. [Trend]Cryptocurrency Mining Malware uses Various Evasion Techniques, Including Windows Installer, as Part of its Routine
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