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  1. [kreb]AT&T, Sprint, Verizon to Stop Sharing Customer Location Data With Third Parties
  2. [kreb]Verizon to Stop Sharing Customer Location Data With Third Parties
  3. [AVAST]7 things you didn’t know about Avast
  4. [MMPC]Driving data security is a shared responsibility, here’s how you can protect yourself
  5. [Trend]FakeSpy Android Information-Stealing Malware Targets Japanese and Korean-Speaking Users
  6. [Sophos]Domain transfer #FAIL – man gets 20 years for gunpoint domain hijack
  7. [Trend]North American Malware Trends: Taking a Proactive Approach to Modern Threats
  8. [Sophos]How a Nigerian Prince scam victim got his money back after 10 years
  9. [Sophos]Researchers claim Chrome bug bounty paid to the wrong people
  10. [Eset]Europol and partners dismantle prolific cyber-extortion gang
  11. [AVAST]Don’t forget to reboot your router | Avast
  12. [FireEye]Bring Your Own Land (BYOL) – A Novel Red Teaming Technique
  13. [MMPC]New FastTrack benefit: Deployment support for Co-management on Windows 10 devices
  14. [Sophos]Firefox fixes critical buffer overflow
  15. [AVAST]STF Consulting celebrates 18 years in business, credits Managed Workplace for smart growth | Avast Business
  16. [Sophos]Apple code signing flaw could have made Mac malware look legit
  17. [kreb]Google to Fix Location Data Leak in Google Home, Chromecast
  18. [Eset]New Telegram-abusing Android RAT discovered in the wild
  19. [Sophos]The “world’s worst” smart padlock – it’s EVEN WORSE than we thought
  20. [Sophos]Convicted! Anonymous Twitter troll not as anonymous as they thought
  21. [Sophos]Dark Web drug dealer betrayed by his beard, pleads guilty
  22. [Sophos]Monday review – the hot 21 stories of the week
  23. [AVAST]Avoiding accidents on the cyber highway | Avast
  24. [AVAST]Major Microsoft fixes and risky Android devices | Avast
  25. [Sophos]Apple iPhone’s USB Restricted Mode gives Feds a cracking headache
  26. [Sophos]Football app tracks illegal broadcasts using your microphone and GPS
  27. [Sophos]Forgotten your password? Don’t login at all! [Chet Chat Podcast 271]
  28. [Sophos]SHOCK! HORROR! SURPRISE! Bitcoin priceplosion may have been market manipulation
  29. [Eset]Stop Cyberbullying Day: Advice for victims and witnesses
  30. [AVAST]Join the incredible Avast Cyber Adventure this Saturday | Avast
  31. [AVAST]How to fight sophisticated cybercrime | Avast
  32. [chantal11]Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17692 via Windows Update – canal Rapide
  33. [Sophos]The $99 digital padlock that kept crooks out… for 2 whole seconds
  34. [MMPC]Building Zero Trust networks with Microsoft 365
  35. [Eset]Phishing anniversary: Here’s a free $50/month subscription
  36. [Trend]Another Potential MuddyWater Campaign uses Powershell-based PRB-Backdoor
  37. [Sophos]“Hey, Cortana, did Patch Tuesday fix a serious lock screen bug?”
  38. [Eset]World Cup dream team: ESET vs. Malware
  39. [Sophos]Trial of two men accused of $20m hacked press release fraud begins
  40. [Eset]Major breach at British retailer Dixons Carphone affects nearly six million bank cards
  41. [Sophos]Google locks out extensions that don’t come from its Chrome Web Store
  42. [Eset]Chile to revolutionize cybersecurity after the recent cyberattack
  43. [Trend]How Machine Learning Techniques Helped Us Find Massive Certificate Abuse by BrowseFox
  44. [kreb]Librarian Sues Equifax Over 2017 Data Breach, Wins $600
  45. [Eset]World Cup watching: The common threats found when using streaming sites
  46. [XMCO]Ouverture de la plateforme Perceval pour le signalement des fraudes à la carte bancaire
  47. [Sophos]Tech pioneers: new copyright law a step towards an internet of surveillance and control
  48. [AVAST]Remote working is on the rise | Avast
  49. [XMCO]Résumé de la semaine du 4 au 8 juin
  50. [Sophos]FBI arrests 74 in global Business Email Compromise takedown