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  3. [Sophos]Massive botnet chews through 20,000 WordPress sites
  4. [Eset]Next Generation Dark Markets? Think Amazon or eBay for criminals
  5. [Sophos]Android click fraud apps mimic Apple iPhones to boost revenue
  6. [Sophos]Microsoft’s gutting Edge and stuffing it with Chromium
  7. [Sophos]Microsoft calls for laws on facial recognition, issues principles
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  9. [kreb]Bomb Threat Hoaxer, DDos Boss Gets 3 Years
  10. [AVAST]Cybercrime Targets iOS users and 50,000 Execs | Avast
  11. [XMCO]La chaîne d’hôtels Marriott victime d’une fuite de données massive
  12. [XMCO]Retour sur quelques conférences de la 2018
  13. [Sophos]Flash zero-day exploit spotted – patch now!
  14. [Sophos]Kids’ VTech tablets vulnerable to eavesdropping hackers
  15. [XMCO]Résumé de la semaine #48 (25 novembre au 1er décembre)
  16. [Sophos]Unencrypted medical data leads to 12-state litigation
  17. [XMCO]Premier bilan depuis la mise en vigueur du RGPD
  18. [Sophos]Hacker-besieged DNA data tucked away under military care
  19. [XMCO]XMCO sera à Toulouse pour participer à l’édition 2018 de la Botconf
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  21. [MMPC]CISO series: Strengthen your organizational immune system with cybersecurity hygiene
  22. [Sophos]Marriott, Kubernetes and PewDiePie [PODCAST]
  23. [Eset]DanaBot evolves beyond banking Trojan with new spam-sending capability
  24. [Sophos]Facebook staff’s private emails published by fake news inquiry
  25. [Sophos]Patch now (if you can!): Latest Android update fixes clutch of RCE flaws
  26. [Sophos]Google’s private browsing doesn’t keep your searches anonymous
  27. [Sophos]Chrome 71 stomps on abusive advertising
  28. [SecList]DarkVishnya: Banks attacked through direct connection to local network
  29. [chantal11]Mise à jour cumulative KB4469342 – Windows 10 – version 1809
  30. [MMPC]Step 1. Identify users: top 10 actions to secure your environment
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  32. [Eset]The Dark Side of the ForSSHe
  33. [Sophos]Kubernetes cloud computing bug could rain data for attackers
  34. [AVAST]Healthcare IT Services Firm Improves Operations with Avast | Avast Business
  35. [Sophos] admits data breach affecting 100 million accounts
  36. [Sophos]Those are NOT your grandchildren! FTC warns of new scam
  37. [Sophos]Could adult content ban spell the end for Tumblr?
  38. [Sophos]Could adult content ban spell the end for Tumblr?
  39. [AVAST]1-800-Flowers and Quora Report Data Breaches | Avast
  40. [kreb]A Breach, or Just a Forced Password Reset?
  41. [AVAST]Hide ‘N Seek Botnet expands | Avast
  42. [Sophos]Bleichenbacher’s CAT puts another scratch in TLS
  43. [Trend]Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Technology Design Issues and Implementation Vulnerabilities
  44. [Sophos]AirDrop an unwanted nude pic and you could face stiff penalties
  45. [Sophos]Zoom patches serious video conferencing bug
  46. [SecList]KoffeyMaker: notebook vs. ATM
  47. [Sophos]‘Iceman’ hacker charged with running drone-smuggling ring from jail
  48. [SecList]Kaspersky Security Bulletin 2018. Statistics
  49. [MMPC]Insights from the MITRE ATT&CK-based evaluation of Windows Defender ATP
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