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[1] [AVAST]AV-Comparatives awards Avast top ranking | Avast

[2] [AVAST]AV-Comparatives awards Avast top ranking | Avast

[3] [AVAST]Victory for net neutrality and trouble for Telegram Messenger | Avast

[4] [kreb]T-Mobile Employee Made Unauthorized ‘SIM Swap’ to Steal Instagram Account

[5] [Sophos]Senate votes to restore net neutrality… but don’t get your hopes up

[6] [Eset]Open source code is ubiquitous and so are many vulnerabilities

[7] [Sophos]ZipperDown catches 170,000 iOS apps with their pants down

[8] [Sophos]Don’t invest! The ICO scam that doesn’t want your money

[9] [AVAST]3 fresh tips to book your vacation securely


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