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[1] [Sophos]Update now! Microsoft and Adobe’s December 2018 Patch Tuesday is here

[2] [SecList]Remotely controlled EV home chargers – the threats and vulnerabilities

[3] [kreb]Scanning for Flaws, Scoring for Security

[4] [FireEye]FLARE Script Series: Automating Objective-C Code Analysis with Emulation

[5] [MMPC]The evolution of Microsoft Threat Protection, December update

[6] [Sophos]Samsung fixes flaws that could have let attackers hijack your account

[7] [Sophos]Google+ to power down early after second security hole found

[8] [Sophos]Text CAPTCHAs easily beaten by neural networks

[9] [Sophos]Phones are selling location data from “trusted” apps


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