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[1] [AVAST]Google pulls stalker apps identified by Avast | Avast

[2] [Sophos]SharePoint Online scam – sadly, phishing’s not dead

[3] [AVAST]Are Digital Supply Chains Exposing Your Business Data? | Avast

[4] [Sophos]Programmer from hell plants logic bombs to guarantee future work

[5] [Trend]Multistage Attack Delivers BillGates/Setag Backdoor, Can Turn Elasticsearch Databases into DDoS Botnet ‘Zombies’

[6] [Sophos]Big password hole in iOS 13 beta spotted by testers

[7] [Sophos]Your Android’s accelerometer could be used to eavesdrop on your calls

[8] [SecList]How to steal a million (of your data)

[9] [Sophos]FSB hackers drop files online


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