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[1] [Sophos]Gamers beware! Crooks take advantage of MSI download outage…

[2] [AVAST]Reddit AMA With Garry Kasparov | Avast

[3] [Sophos]Beware fake online trading apps, on iOS as well as Android

[4] [Sophos]S3 Ep32: AirTag jailbreak, Dell vulns, and a never-ending scam [Podcast]

[5] [Eset]1 million risky apps rejected or removed from Apple’s App Store in 2020

[6] [Eset]ESET Research goes to RSA Conference 2021 with two presentations

[7] [MCAFEE]Major HTTP Vulnerability in Windows Could Lead to Wormable Exploit

[8] [AVAST]What Amazon Ring Knows About You | Avast

[9] [FireEye]Shining a Light on DARKSIDE Ransomware Operations


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